Western Running Horses With Southwest Navajo Vectors 6 Piece Bathroom Accent Set




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  • • These Wild And 5 Running Horses Bathroom Accessory Set measures as follows; Waste Bin 9.25"H, Tissue Box Cover 5.5"H, Soap Pump 7.25"H, Toothbrush Holder 4"H, Rinse Cup 4.25"H and Soap Dish 4.5"W.• These Wild And 5 Running Horses Bathroom Accessory Set are made of fine designer polyresin, hand crafted and painted individually.• Western decor is all about spunk and spirit, bringing together the desert beauty of the southwest with rugged cowboy charm and rustic good looks.• The horse is a universal symbol of dom without restraint. They represent power, strength, reliability and good fortunes. These bathroom accessories feature 5 running horses in the plains, surrounded by intricate southwest tribal vectors design as borders around the scenic beauty.• Props and coke can used in the photos are not included with the item.