Natural Handmade Home Decor Storage Organizer Basket Boho




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  • This is a natural material handmade art craft.
  • It comes from the beautiful hands, they made beautiful things.
  • The color of the material is a natural color, there will be a color difference, please forgiveness.
  • The Natural&White and Natural&Black, those two colors are painted on the natural color type.
  • The Size XS and S is a small type, you could use it to store some small things such as pencils, rulers, scissors, knife, makeup brush, Remote Control, Handscream, Comb.
  • The Size M and L is a middle type, you could use it to store much more things such as toys, snacks, and some normal or small flower pots.
  • The Size XL is a bigger type, you could use it as a laundry basket in the living room, or you could decorate the plant pots in the garden yard, or you could use it move pots into the house, it has the durable handholds.
  • So in total, we have 3 colors and 5 sizes.
  • Colors: Natural, Natural&White, Natural&Black;
  • Sizes: XS-11x9 cm/4.33X3.54 inch;
  • S-16x14 cm/6.30x5.51 inch;
  • M-20x18 cm/7.87x7.09 inch;
  • L-26x23 cm/10.24x9.05 inch;
  • XL-32x28 cm/12.60x11.02 inch.