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  • 1. Fishing Lure is easy to carry and can be used with it. Compared with Taiwan fishing, it saves the trouble of big bags and hooks, and does not need to consider the preservation and carrying of fresh bait.
  • 2, Fishing Lure environmental protection, the use of Lu Ya fishing method will not cause any pollution to the water quality, in the protection of the environment is indispensable, Taiwan fishing to fight the nest bait, although it is feeding fish, but more feeding, fish pull There are more, and there is more garbage, and the natural water quality will drop.
  • 3, Fishing Lure belongs to the whole body exercise, compared to the local sports of the Taiwan fishing, it is more able to exercise the body, if you want to lose weight and like fishing, Lu Ya is a good choice.
  • 4, Fishing Lure is an active aggressive fishing method, more aggressive than the fishing bait thrown down and so on. The passive fish such as the traditional fishing method is turned into an active fish, and the fish is used to break the silence of the fish itself, causing it to be lured or cause irritability.
  • 5, Fishing Lure fishing method is not limited in time and geographical, no matter when and where you are, no matter the day and night, you can fly freely, Taiwan fishing must be sited, there must be a flat shore to set up a fishing And bring a heavy battery at night, otherwise you can't fish.