Hybricam Cotton Camouflage Aviator Hunting Trapper Fishing Winter Beanie




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This HYBRiCAM Aviator hat features a soft faux fur around the inside of the hat with added Grey Bark camo print on the outside. It has adjustable earflaps that can be worn up or down and a plastic buckle fastener below the earflaps. Make sure you've got yours ready for hunting, fishing, hiking or any outdoors activity, the HYBRiCAM finish create a sleek look that will appeal to any outdoorsman.

  • Size: S/M ~22.5 in., L/XL ~25.5 in.
  • Ear Flap
  • 100% Cotton
  • Plastic Buckle Fastener
HYBRiCAM Aviator hat features soft faux fur * Ear Flap * 100% Cotton