HOT Rolling Swivel Carp Sea Fishing Connector Solid Ring Fishing Swivels 100PCS




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  • New Practical Fishing Accessories 100/Pack American Fishing Character Ring Number 8 Loops Steel Nickel Black
  • Material:Stainless Steel + Brass
  • Size:6 Sizes
  • 4# Length:14mm
  • 6# Length:12mm
  • 8# Length:10mm
  • 10# Length:9mm
  • 12# Length:8mm
  • 14# Length:7mm
  • Package Include:1 bag (100pcs)
  • These swivels have an ultra-smooth rotation.
  • Round swivel eyes ensure maximum knot strength.
  • They are for attaching your main line to leader, for reducing line twist, or if you make your own wire traces, for rigging at the end.
  • Its black colour reduces light reflection and swivel-attacks from toothy fish.
  • Sturdy structure and rolling smoothly