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  • Just connect these floats to fishing line to serve several purposes—suspend the bait at a predetermined depth, bait in an inaccessible areas of water with it or serve as a visual bite indicator. This set of floats is constructed with very sensitive foam which helps with stabilization of the floats in rough and windy fishing condition, and acts as a sensitive bite indicator. 
  • Features
  • Built with superb buoyancy and durability.    
  • Suspends fishing baits at a determined depth.
  • Reach an inaccessible areas with these floats.
  • Serve as a visual bite indicator. 
  • Measure 16cm (6.3”) long, weigh 1.5g approximately.
  • Small brightly colored tip remaining visible above water. 
  • Specifications:
  • Color: Red 
  • Material: Foam (Body) & Wood (Stem)
  • Length: 16cm / 6.3in
  • Package size: 18 * 14cm / 7.1 * 5.9in
  • Package weight: 17g / 0.6oz
  • Package List:
  • 10 * Fishing Float